Tarragona 2019

We participate as guests of honour, with our maceros and soldiers to open the following of the gegants Paseo Torroja, previously sponsoring in the plan of the cathedral to its macero PAKHARU, to then we open the following heading to the square
Corsini, where detail was delivered a reminder of this special day, it should be noted that since Lilla’s soldiers and maceros never go out to act outside the population, this was done
exception in honour of Tarragona and San Magi.

2018 Lilla’s Big Feast

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, they proceeded to parade through
the streets of the town with the invited groups:

  • Gegants of Montblanc
  • Nanos de Montblanc 
  • Amics dels Gegants de Montblanc 

We proceeded to the inauguration of a monument to the geganters of Lilla, by the
Mayor of Montblanc Mr Pep Andreu and other authorities, at the end a lunch was held, for the groups and guests A. Fotográfica de Cataluña.